About ADF

ADF was founded in 2001 by airline industry veterans who bring decades of experience to bear on the challenges of information overload and the timely use of critical data. Duane Edelman, ADF's founder and president, has been an active contributor to the evolution of standards for operations and safety through his association with organizations such as the FAA, ATA, SAE and NASA.

ADF has assumed leadership roles in the evolution and implementation of forward-looking initiatives that are defining the future of aviation. Its focus is on how mission-critical data is collected, circulated and used to support profitable airline and airport operations.

ADF has migrated its software products and services from tactical point solutions to strategic operations and business solutions. Migrating solutions to web-based cloud hosted applications enables the scalability and efficiencies necessary to meet current and future operations and business requirements.

The ADF team possesses a thorough understanding of the processes involved in the development, publication and enforcement of industry guidelines and regulations.

The ADF team works under the guiding principle that effective and efficient airline/airport operations can be achieved only when there is alignment between strategic goals and the daily business operations that support them.

Our Approach

As airlines and airports develop new business models, the real-time integration and analysis of data becomes essential to meet business and operations objectives. ADF focuses on state-of-the-art information and data management technologies to fuse together mission critical data from many sources and structures to drive decision support and business management tools.

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