Core System for AOMS (Airports)

Our Airport Operations Management Suite (AOMS) of software services is the core of its airline/airport business and operations solutions. Web-based cloud technology applications are used to create value solutions for our customers.

Solutions are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services. Web-based solutions are accessible anytime, on any device, anywhere the internet is accessible.

AOMS provides real-time key performance metrics, operations status dashboards and tailored reports keeping operations staff, management and executives informed. ADF proprietary navigation tools and intuitive displays provide relevant and timely information that keeps all users informed from the same data source.

Core data is aggregated in the AOMS system from various sources such as; flight schedules, flight movement, gate and other user provided inputs. Data visualization (the big picture) of actual and processed data is displayed on interactive maps, live status and dashboard displays.


Airline/Airport services are web-based and password protected, utilizing SSL encryption. The user session maintains a credentialed environment during browsing and does not require re-authorization across the various service components as the user navigates through the system.


AOMS allows authorized airline/airport personnel to navigate and access specific data visualization tools and reports as required. Dashboards and data displays are tailored to each individual user. Reports and self-auditing tools can easily be selected within AOMS.

AOMS continuously calculates and displays key data metrics that auto refresh at defined intervals keeping data timely (real-time) and relevant. Self-auditing tools accept user input to determine ranges, time values and appropriate to meet the users’ needs/requirements. Data is retained in the system allowing the user to view historical operations and business reports at any time.

Data Sources

The service is designed to accept both core data and data from multiple sources. Using data integration, fusion and proprietary algorithms, an information rich environment/platform of operations and business data is created. The import and export of data is accomplished through a secure environment using “read-only” data exchanges and encryption protocols.

Core operations data is acquired by ADF from several sources and is used to populate a dedicated operations data-base for the customer. From this environment, the service becomes a turn-key (immediate implementation) solution that meets most core function needs.

This service is scalable to meet your data service needs. Cloud Computing services the most efficient and cost-effective means of expanding or sizing services to meet a customer’s specific needs and or requirements.

Technical refresh planning issues are a thing of the past.


System maintenance and core applications upgrades are included in the Software Service Agreement. Scaling applications and adding new features and functions can be easily accommodated without disrupting services currently in use. Third party data can be easily added to the platform to create additional services.

Business Intelligence



Business Drivers: The need to provide tools, strategies and analysis to manage an increasingly complex operations environment requires the real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPI). This includes:

  • Actual Performance
  • Forecasted Performance
  • Performance Trends
  • Historical Analysis
  • Etc.

Operations Support (Visualization Tools)

Tailored analysis and reporting of operations and business requirements are incorporated into the service offerings.