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ADF Case Study

Business Drivers: The need to provide tools, strategies and analysis to manage an increasingly complex airline/airport operations environment has increased the need to pull together data of all kinds, configure and assimilate them into a single system to:

  • Manage increasing complex operations and business dynamic
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Integration
  • Data Accessibility
  • Knowledge driven, decision-support tools

ADF Solution: A web-based cloud solution accessible from desktops or mobile devices anywhere Internet access is available. It provides key performance metrics dashboards and reports tailored for your airport operations staff, management and executives. Its intuitive web browser interface is easily navigable and requires no training. Its ability to aggregate data from various sources such as flight, gate and user provided input onto interactive maps and dashboards makes it invaluable as a common airline/airport operations picture.

The solution is based on pulling together operations data from a variety of sources and systems into a common configuration and given context, purpose, appropriate values and rendered into useable information/intelligence. This data is used to populate a common source data base which is used by the Airline/Airport Operations Management team. Information/intelligence is rendered into dashboard, inter-active and decision support displays and reports.

Using patented processes and advances in technology, these solutions are in near real-time, tailored to meet customer needs and delivered three times (3X) faster than existing or comparable products/services.