Airline/Airport Industry Consulting

Aircraft Data Fusion's Professional Services team provides decades of airline/Airport operations and systems experience to help our clients meet today’s industry challenges. The ADF team works on the guiding principle that effective airline/airport operations can only be attained when the aircraft is included as a critical element of an enterprise’s operations.

Process Review, Analysis and Assessment

Using our decades of experience, ADF develops solutions for airports, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation organizations. We focus on providing business and process innovations throughout the organization, including the OCC, flight deck, cabin, maintenance and ground support function. Service offerings include:

  • Operations assessment and workflow analysis
  • Policy/procedure review
  • Data modeling and content design
  • Flight operations support
  • Service and maintenance support
  • Safety and efficiency initiatives
  • Integration and automation to increase productivity
  • Rapid development and implementation
  • System reliability

Implementation Support

ADF technology solutions are never implemented in a vacuum. Each solution is a combination of policy and procedure review, data flow analysis, technology deployment and change management. In addition to our expertise and extensive knowledge of airline operations, ADF provides its products/services on state-of-the-art technology platforms.

Methodology and Project Discipline

ADF provides a structured implementation methodology to ensure a rapid and successful transition to the new operating environment. This includes services such as:

  • Project Management
  • Process Analysis
  • System Testing/User Validation
  • Policy/Procedure Revision
  • Analysis and Database Configuration
  • User Training/Train-the-Trainer
  • Certification/Approval Assistance
  • Problem Resolution
  • Communications Design and Installation

Custom Education and Training

ADF provides a structured way to introduce an organization to new technologies or business processes and their impact with:

  • Design and delivery of custom workshops and courses on topics specific to the industry or your organization and its unique business needs.
  • ADF professionals who deliver instructor training programs with the intent of equipping your internal training staff with materials, knowledge and teaching skills they need to effectively conduct workshops throughout your organization.