ADF's Vision for Airport Operations in the 21st Century

The pace of technology, along with ever changing airline and airport business models, have created the need for a whole new set of business and operations metrics. The requirements for these metrics include that ability to forecast and measure the results of these forecasts in real-time. In addition the platform must facilitate the ability to model, develop, install and test the value of a technology without interrupting business or operations.

To achieve these goals and objectives requires an autonomous network of operations and business data on a dedicated platform, that facilitates the merging and fusing of data in real-time. Results of changes and actions taken in the execution of the daily plan must be available in real-time to measure their effectiveness.

An autonomous operations platform is essential to support accurate forecasting execution of the daily plan in real-time accounting for the many variables that can interrupt a plan, e.g., flight cancellations, extended gate delays, Air Traffic interruptions, etc. The ability to forecast interruptions and suggest options for consideration by the management team will drive a more efficient and successful outcome.

The real-time access of mission critical intelligence is essential to drive more informed decisions. The operations data platform facilitates the merging of mission critical; operations, forecast, business and other data to create the relevant intelligence required.

ADF is creating a 10-year framework for the merging and integrating operations and business processes to optimize efficiency, reduce data touch points, eliminate errors and make business intelligence available in real-time and on demand. As we build to meet these goals we will creating the framework (eco-system) to accommodate the future.

Operations Control Centers (OCC) will be employed by airports and airlines

Operations control centers will act as the central communications and nerve center for individual airport operations categories, e.g.:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Vendors
  • Etc.

The OCC’s services-oriented architecture is hosted in a highly secure, state-of-the art data center with quadruple redundancy and a fully mirrored remote site, capable of providing outsourced hosting, remote storage, backups, disaster recovery and other data services to ADF customers.