ADF Concept of Operations: Your Business Model is the core component of your Operations

A Business Model is converted into a Business Plan and this is where ADF enters an airline/airport operations process to track performance and identify opportunities. ADF proprietary processes and technologies are used to track the status of your operations according to the business plan in near real-time and presents the results on dashboards, tailored displays and reports.

The Airport Operations Management System (AOMS) for airports and Airport Ground Operations Suite (AGOS) for airlines are hosted on the Microsoft, Cloud Computing Platform (Azure). Products and services are web based and designed to support all users in the enterprise; Corporate, Executive management, Directors, front line managers, vendors and other airport customers.

ADF Approach: Data consolidation, integration, analysis and correlation that Drives Business Results

Aircraft Data Fusion uses patented/proprietary processes, software and technologies in designing web-based cloud solutions for airline and airport operators that drive productivity and business results. ADF products and services are hosted on the Microsoft, Cloud Computing Platform providing the most cost-effective solutions with the highest levels of security, scalability and delivered to the customer as a web based, cloud hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

System applications, data analysis and reporting are accessible anytime, anywhere from desktops and mobile devices. Most common internet browsers are supported; e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari for iPad and iPhone, Android, Firefox, etc., supporting the bring your own device (BYOD) business culture and customer/traveler requirements. Access to applications and analysis is protected by managed administrative protocols such as user identification, password and standard encryption tools.

The ADF, Airport Ground Operations Suite (airlines) and Airport Operations Management Suite (airports) suite of products and services are designed to capture, organize and calculate relevant operations data into a single, common source data base for each suite. This provides for a single location for the access and tracking of key performance and business indicators.

Both suites incorporate intuitive browsers for the selection of dashboard displays and interactive user tools that provide situational awareness, trends, alerting and single step drill-downs to source data in near real-time. Its ability to aggregate data from various sources such as flight, gate and user provided input onto interactive maps and dashboards makes it invaluable as the common airline/airport operations picture.

The service continuously calculates and displays key metrics that auto-refresh at a defined interval during the active web session. Appropriate reports accept user inputs to determine ranges, time values or other adjustments to the analytics. Common source data base strategies supports event reconstruction and data reporting requirements to meet both business and operations needs. Data is retained in the system allowing the user to view historical operational information and reports.

ADF will work with your operations and business teams to craft tailored business and operations solutions to meet your goals and objectives. No need to accept the standard fare offered by most vendors.

Data Fusion for Business Transformation and Growth

As airlines and airports develop new business models, the real-time integration and analysis of data becomes essential to meet business and operations objectives. ADF focuses on state-of-the-art information and data management technologies to fuse together mission critical data from many sources and structures to drive decision support and business management tools.
As the next generation air and ground traffic management systems evolve (NexGen), ADF has positioned its products and services to provide critical and timely information from the airport perspective essential to meet NexGen goals and objectives.